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VR Visualization

Prior tools for visualizing objects were limited to 2D – 3D
graphics and are long outdated as mediators for a spatial
impression. At our office, we rely on digitization to make your
dream building as close to you as possible, and we use the
virtual versatile view for our concept. Virtual Reality describes a
computer-generated 3D environment that we use to make
spatially concrete plans and models for you.

It serves as an aid in decision making and helps you make
important decisions regarding size, proportions and sense of
space during the planning phase. With BB-ARC, you get a 360-
degree all- round view inside or outside the building and thus
you have the opportunity to fully control whether the desired
spatial effect is achieved in your planning.

We use VR visualization to avoid misunderstandings in
communication and to enter buildings with you realistically,
long before the groundbreaking ceremony. You get the
impression of what it is like to move in the designed building so
you have the opportunity to realistically evaluate the
construction project before construction begins. We are strongly
convinced that the spatial and scale experience of planning
through VR supports your visualization considerably.

VR shows you the important aspects of a room such as
proportions, light, interior design and shapes and makes them
literally experienceable. With us you experience the actual effect
of a room, the sense of space, so to speak, which is experienced
through the human senses and save both time and money with
this method. [/tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode][tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode section_view=”type_two” b_text=”Would you like to plan a project?” b_link=”https://bb-arc.de/gewerbeprojekt/” ct_color=”#5e5e5e” scb_color=”#919191″ slides_rs=”%5B%7B%22slider_image%22%3A%221424%22%2C%22video_type%22%3A%22int_youtube%22%7D%5D”]

General Planner

Planning a construction project requires the highest level of planning competence and the expertise of professionals involved in the planning, organization and coordination of the project.

As a general planner, we offer you all the necessary services from a single source. What does this mean for you?

Significantly reduced administrative effort paired with maximum transparency thanks to a single business and engagement partner.

As a general planner, we guarantee you a building of the highest architectural standard. We take charge of the entire planning process of the service spectrum from A to Z, reducing the number of contacts for your project to just one. You still have decisionmaking power as the client, but you are visibly relieved of stress, time and bureaucracy as we are happy to take sole responsibility for planning services as the overall planner. We manage in your interest and coordinate the appointments for you, meet deadlines with the project participants and control the services provided, thus guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. You also save on coordination costs and time, since we take over the project management and construction supervision for you.

All risks of the construction process are transferred to us. This allows us to make the whole process as pleasant as possible for you.

We guarantee you through our interdisciplinary planning, management and quality control as well as the correct execution of the individual plans and coverage of all interfaces for your successful construction project.

With our general planner, we guarantee you as a customer greater planning security, lower costs and a smooth and optimal project process.[/tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode][tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode section_type=”type_two” image=”1423″ ct_color=”#5e5e5e”]

Project Control and Project Management

Each construction project is individual and requires relevant
professional competence and support at all project stages.

Our many years of experience in the planning and execution of
our construction projects are the foundation of our success and
the trust our customers place in us.

In project control and project management, we take on the
demanding management services in the planning business and
challenge everyone involved to ensure the success of the project.
We guarantee you productivity with our experienced team of
experts who are with you every hour of the day. Our continuity is
expressed in reliable alignment with the set deadlines and
forward- looking work. This effectively saves us time and money.

Throughout the entire process, we represent our client’s interests
and provide individual services for requests.

Our range of services includes:
– Project development support
– Invitation to tender
– Preparation and support for the award
– Daily cost determination
– Object surveillance
– Object monitoring support
– Object maintenance and documentation
– Schedule control
– Quality management[/tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode][tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode image=”1534″]

Client Representation

As a constructor, do you want active support in addition to
project management and project planning? We are more than
happy to support you as a customer representative.

represents the proactive link between you as the customer and
the experts in the field. It supports you in all questions regarding
the development, implementation and functional use of a

The client representative also undertakes the project
communication on your behalf and prevents the project from
deviating from the original plan in terms of time and money.

Also, the customer representative will take care of the
coordination work for you, so you have more time to devote to
your daily work. You will experience less stress with a control
manager during the project phase with a customer
representative. Please contact us about it![/tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode][tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode section_type=”type_two” image=”601″ b_text=” Would you like to have your property remodeled or expanded?” b_link=”https://bb-arc.de/sie-moechten-ihr-objekt-umbauen-oder-erweiternlassen/” ct_color=”#7a7a7a”]

Housing and Family Houses

It is a great responsibility for us to design your living space with you. During planning, our team of experts offers you a multitude of ideas and innovative functionality paired with individuality that characterizes all our buildings.

Our residential buildings are just as diverse as our customers – passionate and inspiring.

Whether family houses, apartment buildings or residential construction: Our focus is on minimizing energy consumption and maximizing the quality of life! It is the symbiosis of your wishes and our craft that turns the dream of your home from a vision to reality.
You decide what is important to you and we will implement it.

Your team of experts from BB-ARC takes over all project steps from initial sketch to the turn-key and is your constant contact for all your requests and concerns. We accompany the executing companies during and after the construction process. Building involves so many aspects and project steps that can seem overwhelming.

That’s what we’re here for: We are happy to advise you on the design, construction equipment, energy technology and many other elements that characterize your home.
Where others exceed your budget, we always remain affordable without sacrificing quality. Through our extensive network of partners, we offer you unlimited opportunities to make your dreams come true.

We maintain long-term partnerships in all areas and provide you with the highest quality standard. The focus in our work is always on you, so your satisfaction is our
priority. Fulfill your dream of your own house and contact us today! We look forward to making your dreams come true.[/tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode][tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode image=”601″]

3D Visualization

The basis of each of our projects is detailed and optimal
planning. We are happy to implement your individual projects
according to your ideas and wishes and take you with us in our

Since we humans are visually inclined, advanced visualizations
are an indispensable tool in our profession to present
construction projects before the first brick is laid.

3D visualizations are perspective drawings that we are happy to
offer you as an additional service. We are happy to show you the
photorealistic construction plans using a 3D visualization and
bring your ideas to life. Your vision and our technical expertise
form the cornerstone of these plans.
This gives you the opportunity to experience how your vision
becomes a reality.[/tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode][tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode image=”1422″]

New Energy

At BB-Arc, we see the use of renewable energy in our architecture
as an important contribution to sustainability and the
preservation of our planet. We are future-oriented and not only
designers of our living space, but also designers of the energy
transition in the building sector

Our advice consists of a building analysis under ecological,
economic and design aspects. We are happy to carry out an
economic feasibility study and create an individually tailored
energy concept that will benefit you in the long run and several
years from now.

The more energy is generated decentrally, the more
independent you are as a user.
You also benefit financially from using solar energy, as the
electricity you generate yourself is cheaper than any energy

We plan solar thermal and photovoltaic systems for you and are happy to show you the advantages of both technologies. We always accompany you in the planning and implementation.

We have a long-term partnership with ASCA®’s expert team for the construction of photovoltaic systems. They develop and build solutions that fit seamlessly into your individual architecture. Former photovoltaic systems in old-fashioned design are long outdated and belong to the past.
Together with ASCA®, we transform and develop your photovoltaic system into multifunctional and architecturally high-quality elements to support your contribution to the energy transition.

Make your building solar active with us! [/tt_in_serv_page_content_shortcode][/tt_in_serv_page_shortcode][/vc_column][/vc_row]